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Production, Productivity and Quality coffee enhancement

Production, Productivity and Quality coffee enhancement.

KCDA is working closely with Farmer Led enterprises, Cooperatives, Associations, Institutions and individual Farmers to promote Quality Coffee production. Through;


Advisory Services

KCDA offers field advisory services to farmers to increase production through Agricultural Practices. Training in

book Keeping, intercropping, environment aspects as well as financial aspects to allow farmers to generate higher and sustainable incomes for their families.


Supply Services

Some farmers are not able to receive adequate inputs to manage their farms as needed especially in remote areas

of Kigezi. KCDA is therefore instrumental in connecting and supplying Farm inputs, tools and seedlings and also enabling farmers to receive services from Banks and Government Institutions.


Over the years KCDA demonstrated to the most reliable pro farmer Organization. The Organization hast championed the hunt for market for both coffee and other food crops by ensuring farmers come first. Through our work farmers are negotiating for better prices, better markets through collective bargaining. This is evident in the Coffee cooperatives like Banyakinkiiz, Kayonza, Kanungu and Rugyeyo.


Sustainable Management services

In order to further our vision an integrated supply chain, where farmers are vital to our future as consumers, in 2017 we started a cooperative enterprise project to promote cooperatives as one way of promoting Producer organizations. Through that we promote good governance at those cooperatives. This meant to ensure they achieve high standards of integrity for sustainability. We have realized the need to introduce diversification training and we are now supporting farming households through women and youth to access quality cows so  they can earn from milk sales as well. We hope to partner with experts to promote installation of biodigesters for not only excellent bio-slurry that goes to nourish their coffee trees but also as a way to mitigate Climate change. Much of this work is only possible with support of Donor Organizations like Pilot Light Foundation. Our Trainers and Project managers are conversant with all major Coffee Standards as well as Health and safety Practices, Internal Auditing, Hygiene and Coffee, Quality Management Systems, Environment Management Systems, as well as soil management and composting, to name but a few of the skills that we apply. In future we want to partner with Financial institutions in order to deliver tailored financial services to the cooperative community.